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Best Bike Saddles for Road & Trail Biking

Serious bikers will spend hundreds of dollars on the right bike seat, knowing the importance of comfort, durability and fit for one of biking’s three main contact points between man and machine, the others being the pedals and handlebars. While the below options all fall well within the budget price range for more casual cyclists, they each feature materials made for comfort and long-lasting use that go beyond the uniform stock saddles that come with most new bikes. Like a new pair of shoes, it’s recommended to try out a few saddles to see which design and style best suits your unique riding ergonomics. We’ve rounded up our top bike saddle choices below.
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Best for Casual Riding

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Ride Easy

Designed with comfort and a wide range of riding types in mind.

What We Liked

With its wide, padded tail, Planet Bike’s saddle offers excellent comfort across a range of uses, from casual rides to urban commuting. Abrasion-resistant panels on the nose and lower side panels reduce chafing, while the lycra seat cover and long interior cutout improve breathability as well as alleviate anatomical pressure. Order Online.

Best for Mountain Biking

Bikeroo Men’s Padded Bicycle Saddle 

Trail Comfort

Padding and design combine when the going gets tough.

What We Liked

Give your posterior the support and comfort it needs on longer rides with a bike saddle designed to distribute downward pressure from your back and across your sit bones. A long cutout with wide center opening maximizes anatomical relief. The faux-leather cover is waterproof and will stand up to the scuffs and scrapes of trail riding. Purchase It Now.

Best for Road Biking

Brown Spoon Saddle by Charge Bikes

Classic Style

A throwback to the days of bespoke bike design.

What We Liked

Along with its slick brown faux-leather style, Charge Bikes’ Spoon saddle is optimized for road biking’s more lean-forward posture, with a wide rear cutout and lightweight design. Some reviewers note the saddle takes a few rides to break in, but like a good pair of leather shoes it’ll be at one with your butt and your bike in no time. Get One Here.

Best for City Biking

Wittkop Unisex Bicycle Saddle 

Road Warrior

A multipurpose bike saddle that combines form and function.

What We Liked

Let’s just say you can trust in the art of German engineering with this versatile saddle from Wittkop, which has been in the business of crafting bike saddles for over 100 years. A deep center cutout provides maximum anatomical relief while advanced memory-foam padding is designed for ultimate comfort on uneven city roads or longer rural rides and trails. Purchase Here.

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