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Best Bike Derailleurs

A bike derailleur is an essential part of your bike; as it is how you change gears. It moves your chain from one sprocket to another, making it easier for you to get where you’re going. There are two derailleurs on most bikes; one on your front wheel and one on your back wheel. The derailleur helps you change gears, to a lower gear to make riding up a hill easier, and helps you to change gears to make riding fast on flat, smooth surfaces. If you think that you need a new derailleur on your bike or want to upgrade, here are three options available on Amazon.
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Best Budget Option

SHIMANO Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

Upgrade Your Bike for Less. Don’t break the bank to repair or upgrade your bike.

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Without braking the budget, you can get this metal, rear derailleur that’s perfect for entry-level cyclists who need something a little more hardy than what comes on a bike from a big-box store. The derailleur is very easy to install as well, taking fewer than five minutes. Get it here.

Best for Serious Riders

SRAM X.4 Rear Derailleur

Worth the Investment for a Better Ride. “Just buy this derailleur and don’t look back,” says one reviewer.

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This derailleur is a great pick for serious cyclists who want a bike upgrade for a smoother ride. This derailleur can stand up to crashes and daily biking The sturdy piece of hardware does weigh a little bit more, but that’s just a testament to its high quality. Get it today.

Best Beginner Option

EnBo Tourney Rear Derailleur

Easy to Install, Easy to Use. Beginner cyclists will like this easy and affordable derailleur option.

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This rear derailleur is easy and quick to install, and provides smooth shifting and low noise. Adjusting once the derailleur is installed is likewise easy. Plus, the derailleur comes with a 24-month warranty and a great level of customer care, in case you need a little bit of help as a beginner trying to upgrade your own bike. It's available here.