Best Bike Degreasers for Your Bike Chain

Whether it’s from mud, road crud or spring pollen, the accumulation of grime on your bicycle’s drivetrain will reduce performance and damage your equipment over time. Regular maintenance should include wiping your bike chain, derailleur and front chainring free of dirt and applying a light layer of lubrication to keep the moving parts running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. A good degreaser will help cut through the worst of your bike’s oily messes and create a clean, grit-free surface on which to apply performance-improving lubricants. Note that degreasing fluids and lubricants should never be used to clean disc brake components, as once it gets inside the housing, the brake unit will become impossible to clean.
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Best for No-Mess Cleaning

White Lightning Clean Streak

Spray & Go

A quick-acting degreaser that can be used without water.

What We Liked

A no-scrub cleaner that can be sprayed onto your chainring, rear derailleur and the individual chain links to cut through grease, grit and other accumulated road crud. Note the bike chain and components should be wiped clean with a rag before applying degreaser. Order Online.

Best for Precision Application

WD-40 All-Conditions Bike Lubricant & Degreaser

All-Season All-Star

Improve performance plus cut out creaks and squeaks in one spray.

What We Liked

An all-in-one solution for quick cleaning and maintenance, WD-40’s canister offers a spray-on nozzle for precision application to the moving parts of the individual chain links. Advertised for use in wet and dry riding conditions, you will still want to wipe your bike parts clean between uses to mitigate the gooey buildup of trail grit and layers of lubricants. Get It Today.

Best for the Environment

Finish Line Citrus Bicycle Degreaser 

Clean Supreme

Good for your bike, good for the Earth.

What We Liked

Made from non-toxic orange- and soy-based extracts, this fresh-smelling degreaser is favored by bike enthusiasts and race mechanics alike for its soapy, deep-cleaning abilities. Can be sprayed on directly or diluted with water for less greasy jobs; soap up the components, rinse and repeat several times for a clean and high-performing drivetrain. Purchase Here.

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