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The Best Bike Commuting Lights

Bike commuting is eco-friendly and healthy, but it has its hazards. For riding at night, knowing what’s in front of you—as well as visibility to cars and other cyclists—is key. When choosing a bike lamp, consider its power, features, and ease of use.
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Best Overall

TeamObsidian Bike Light Set

Simple and Bright

This minimalist kit will light your way and is easy to use.

What We Liked

The lamp operates at 200 lumens on high, so you can see the road ahead of you in the dark. A red tail light will help cars see your path. With a simple circle-and-screw attachment, both parts attach to your bike in seconds. Buy Now.

Best Features

Cycle Torch Shark 500

Smart Design

With multiple modes and a well-considered lens design, this light is versatile and dependable.

What We Liked

The light has three brightness modes to either illuminate far ahead or conserve battery at night. A flat beam lets you see the road without blinding cars coming the opposite way. This product also has robust waterproofing in case of rain. Buy Now.


Bright Eyes 1600 Lumen Bike Headlight

Dependable Illumination

Large battery capacity makes this light a good bet for long trips or when charging is few and far between.

What We Liked

The 6400mAh battery will hold a charge for over five hours on the brightest setting. The 1600-lumen bright mode is high for this category. The housing of this burly light will also shake off any scrapes or falls. Buy Now.


LETOUR LED Headlamp 5000 Lumen

Large and Powerful

This extremely strong light will let you see far down the path in front of you.

What We Liked

This light packs a punch. With 5000 lumens on high, you’ll be able to eye obstacles far down the road. It can be worn on the front of your bike or on your head, so it’s versatile. Multiple beam modes let it adapt to changing conditions. Buy Now.