Best Bike Chain Lubricants

Bike chain lubricants are used to reduce any friction and resistance between the chain and drivechain components as the chain rotates between the front chainring and rear derailleur. The choice generally boils down to a wet versus dry lubricant: wet lubricants are better for performance in terms of longer-lasting durability and for use in wetter conditions, the downside being the lubricant mixes more easily with dirt to create that stickier, can’t-get-off-your-chain residue; dry, waxed-based lubricants are generally less adhesive to the crud that will accumulate as you ride but wash off easier in rain and wetter conditions. Many bike mechanics prefer wet lubricants for their longer-lasting performance, though this does require more frequent attention to keep your drivechain components clean. The safest bet? Stock up with both a dry and wet lubricant to suit the conditions and your different riding needs.
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Best for Casual Riding

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

Wax On, Dirt Off

Squeeze or spray on a lubricant ideal for daily bike use.

What We Liked

DuPont’s Chain-Saver is a “dry” wax-based lubricant that goes on easily with a squeeze-top bottle (aerosol cans also available). With less mess and better ability to ward off dirt in dry or dusty conditions, a good option for fair-weather riders who want to keep things clean but without the need for excessive maintenance. Order Online.

Best for Off-Roading

Finish Line Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Ride Clean

A good all-around lubricant to keep your chain clean while mountain biking.

What We Liked

Another dry lubricant; meaning it goes on wet with the aid of a solvent but then dries to a wax-like consistency. This chain lube is great for pre-ride prep or for stashing as part of your on-the-go toolset. Buy Yours Today.

Best for No-Mess Cleaning

Park Tool Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System

Easy Rider

A simple system designed to improve the performance of your bike’s working parts.

What We Liked

Ensure the dirt, grit and grime stays off your bike chain and drivetrain components with a cleaning system that’s easy to use and spares you from the worst of the greasy maintenance smudge and spatter. Comes with a biodegradable, plant-based degreaser and cleaning brush. Purchase Here.

Best for Home Maintenance

WD-40 All-Conditions Bike Lube & Degreaser

Sporty 40

A brand for bike maintenance as well as other uses around the home.

What We Liked

Ubiquitous car-maintenance brand WD-40 has tuned its degreasing technology on cleaning and lubricating bike parts. It’s hard to beat WD-40 for performance and durability across different riding conditions. This versatile product is great to have on hand for quick bike tuneups or for other uses around the house. Order It Here.

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