Best Bike Baskets

Whether you’re going for throwback retro style or something a bit more utilitarian and functional, take the stress and sweat off your back by opting for a bike basket instead of a backpack to carry your load. These front-loading baskets for an urban setting feel a little more balanced and easy to manage than a rear-rack setup, although they are not equipped to carry quite as much weight. Here are our picks, handy for trips to and from the market, library, or climbing gym.

Classic Style

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Lightship Collection Bicycle Basket

Woven Wonder

Get out and about with a touch of Parisian flair.

What We Liked

Attach this woven rattan basket across your bike’s front handlebars and enjoy it for use during light errands that could include storage for groceries, beachwear, books or work items. At just under nine inches in depth, it’s not the deepest basket but still a stylish, light accessory for casual city riding and trips to and from the beach. Get it here. 

Most Convenient

Schwinn Quick-Release Wire Basket

Load Warrior

A reliable mesh basket for all-season convenience.

What We Liked

Load up clothing, groceries, flowers or other everyday ideas in a front-handler-mounted mesh basket that comes with useful carrying handle and quick-release mechanism. Designed with a lightweight metal alloy, this basket is durable and weather-resistant for extensive use around town. Buy it now. 

Best Storage

Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket

Mighty Apollo

Double your carrying capacity by affixing a pair of these baskets to your bike’s rear rack.

What We Liked

Offering the biggest capacity of the bike baskets reviewed here, Retrospec’s Apollo is also the most versatile with a pair of folding handles for carrying larger loads and half-mesh construction to offer more flexibility to store different-sized contents. The basket can also be mounted to the front handlebars or to the sides of a rear carrying rack. Buy it here. 

Pet-Friendly Carrier

Retrospec Bicycles Cane Woven Toto Basket

Cane & Able

Traditional woven design for use going to the beach, bistro, butcher’s, baker’s and beyond.

What We Liked

Embrace your boho chic with a woven cane basket that attaches to your bike’s front handlebars. Styled from Nantucket lightship baskets that in turn took their cue from Native American woven baskets, this rectangular-shaped basket is stylish yet functional, they are designed to carry loads of up to five pounds. Get it now. 

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