Best Bear Resistant Containers

Safety should always be your top priority while enjoying any sort of outdoor activity, especially when you recreate in bear country. Even if you think your leisurely camping trip poses no threat to your physical safety, you might want to think again. If you’re visiting some of the most popular national parks, state parks and mountain regions around the country, you could very well be getting yourself into bear country, where bears can prove to be a real nuisance — even a fatal one — if you don’t take the right precautions. One of the top factors that attracts dangerous, hungry bears to campsites is open and easy-to-reach food. That’s why a bear resistant food container is an essential part of your campsite. Check out these four options.
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Best for Groups or Long Trips

BearVault BV500 Bear Resistant Food Canister

The Lightest Plastic Bear Container for Its Volume. Protect a week’s worth of food.

What We Liked: 

This bear resistant food canister is made out of a hardy plastic, but that hardly makes it easy to maul or tear. The light container can stand up to bears of all sizes and strengths, all while holding enough food for one person for seven days, or for a group for a few days. Additionally, the canister is clear, making it easy to find what you’re looking for in a pinch. Get it here.

Most Affordable 

Backpacker's Cache - Bear Proof Container

Save your skin from a bear attack — on a budget. Don't let camp safety break the bank. This bear proof container delivers protection for a fraction of the price.

What We Liked: 

This bear proof container is on the more affordable side, making it a great pick for beginner campers who don’t want to drop a lot of dough on a bear resistant container that they’re not sure they’re going to be using for years in the future. The small canister weighs less than three pounds empty. It's available now.

Best for Deep Wood Camping

Counter Assault Bear Keg

Know Where Your Food is at All Times. This container’s bright yellow hue makes it easy to spot in any situation

What We Liked: 

A lot of bear resistant containers are black or brown, making them difficult to find when you’re camping in deep brush, after all, you have to string the container up in a tree before you go to bed, are you going to remember which tree you picked? That’s not the case with the Counter Assault Bear Keg, which is made from a bright yellow proprietary polymer blend material. Get it here.

Best for Lightweight Campers

Ursack Major Bear Resistant Food Sack

A Unique Design Means Less Weight and Easy Storage. Bulletproof fabric protects your food just as well as an unwieldy container

What We Liked: 

Most bear resistant food containers are bulky, big, round, plastic, but the Ursack Major food sack is made from material, so it can fold up into any backpack at any time and then be pulled out whenever you need it. The lightweight material is bulletproof and flexible, and can hold five days of food for one person. Get them today.