The Best Backpacking Repair Kits

Accidents happen, and when they happen on the hiking trail or on the road, they can leave you with ripped and torn equipment and clothing. There’s no reason to walk around wearing bags. Instead, pull off a quick and effective repair with a simple kit, either needle and thread or an adhesive patch. Pick your repair kit based on what you want to fix: A soft, flexible patch is best for light fabrics, while heavy-duty backpacks may require the strength of a sewn repair.
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Best Apparel Patches

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape Mini Patches

Jacket Savers

Rescue your clothing from random tears with these precut patches.

What We Liked

The light fabrics used in modern outerwear are comfortable and don’t weigh much, but that also means that they’re prone to ripping and tearing. Fix them right in the field with this portable patch kit. Each carrying case contains 6 patches, 3 clear and 3 black, which bond instantly to fabric for a permanent, durable repair. Use on anything from raincoats to puffy jackets. Buy Now.

Best Sewing Kit

Singer Sew-Quik Threaded Hand Needle Kit

Rip Fixer

From coats to backpacks, this kit can handle the most heavy-duty repairs.

What We Liked

Sewing rips and tears is an effective way to fix heavy fabrics like canvas, but threading a needle by headlamp is tough. This kit from Singer comes with 10 pre-threaded needles, so you can skip that tricky step. The thread in the kit comes in a variety of colors, ranging from black and white to olive and red, so you can match it to almost any fabric. Bonus: A safety pin helps hold rips together while you sew, and a pair of buttons replace ones lost on the trail. Buy Now.

Best All-Purpose Patches

TEAR-AID Fabric Repair Kit, Type A

Mending Solution

Get almost any textile back in working order again

What We Liked

For gear repairs—think sails, tents, and the like—you can’t beat this adhesive tape, which is made out of a matte-finish elastomer for quick, glue-free patching. Just peel, cut, and stick over tears and punctures. It even works on fiberglass, aluminum, and some types of leather. UV-resistant material won’t yellow in the sun, even after prolonged use. Buy Now.