Best ATV Tires

You should never be afraid to spend money on quality when it comes to the things that separate you from the ground: shoes, mattresses and tires. That’s why it might be time to replace the stock tires that came with your ATV. Whether you’re looking to get into more aggressive terrain, need something specific for wet conditions or are just looking for a high-quality tire for all conditions, we’ve rounded up our top picks.
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Most Affordable

Set of 4 WANDA Sport ATV tires

Wallet-Friendly Pick

A great all-terrain tire that comes without a hefty price tag.

What We Liked

These tires are a great and affordable choice for those who ride a variety of conditions. They offer excellent traction in everything from dirt to rock to desert terrain. The unique tread pattern is designed for a smooth trail ride. Built in rim and sidewall protection ensure you won’t get a flat in an inconvenient location and the four-ply nylon is extra puncture resistant. By online.

Most Aggressive

Kenda Executioner ATV Bias Tire

Rugged Choice

This mean looking tire is ideal for the most extreme situations.

What We Liked

These tires are for the most rugged terrain. The thick tread lends excellent traction, even on the sloppiest of days. The treads are reinforced to prevent rollover at low speeds – this lends both comfort and durability to the tires. While deep treads often perform sub optimally on dry surfaces, the addition of dimples means these tires don’t have that problem. Get it here.

Best Grip

Full set of ITP Mud Lite ATV Tires


Get your ATV ready for early conditions with these wet-friendly tires.

What We Liked

Designed to perform like a champ in the mud, these tires are also extremely light. The rubber they’re made of is designed with extended wear in mind, so you’ll be sure to get a long life out of these tires. While mud tires aren’t known for their comfort, the addition of a center tread means you’ll be able to ride longer without getting uncomfortable. Buy now.

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