Best ATV Covers

ATV covers are designed to protect your ATV from UV rays, moisture, or conceal it while hunting. Typically made of heavy duty, waterproof material, ATV covers help protect vehicles against dirt, pollutants, tree sap, and weather elements. Color, material, and size are all important features to evaluate when selecting the appropriate cover. We’ve reviewed four great ATV covers on the market and provided their best features and benefits below.

Great Elastic 

Coleman MadDog GearAll Weather Protection ATV Cover

All Weather ATV Cover. All weather ATV cover with elastic bottom for a secure, protective shield against the elements.

What We Liked

The Coleman MadDog GearAll Weather Protection ATV Cover comes with a storage bag. We liked the elastic bottom of the cover that allowed it to fit snugly to our ATV and kept the rain off the seat. The 133” X 46” heavy-duty material protected our vehicle from the UV rays. The one-year warranty gave us extra reassurance that it would last beyond a season. Order Online.

Best Design 

LotFancy Waterproof ATV Cover 

Waterproof ATV Cover with Air Vents. Nylon ATV cover with reinforced seams, designed with air vents for optimal moisture escape.

What We Liked

The LotFancy Waterproof ATV Cover is made of woven nylon with reinforced seams. We liked that the cover had two air vents with velcro closures that helped moisture escape and protect our ATV. This cover protected our ATV from both the sun and rain, as it was parked outside near the garage all year. We loved the wind buckle strap that helped keep it in place. Purchase Yours Today.

Great Price 

XYZCTEM Waterproof ATV Cover

Waterproof ATV Cover. Waterproof ATV cover with elastic base and storage bag offered at a great price.

What We Liked

The XYZCTEM Waterproof ATV Cover fits most quads at 103” X 43” X 47”. We liked the thick UV resistant canvas, as it protected our ATV from color fading UV rays. We found the storage bag convenient to store the cover in our ATV box while we were out riding. We also took advantage of the elastic base wraps around the tires for secure fit. Get It Here.

Best Product 

Badass Motogear Ultimate ATV Cover 

Ultimate ATV Cover. Durable ATV cover with reflective stripes and zipper access panel that allows easy access to gas tank, keys, and handlebars. 

What We Liked

The Badass Motogear Ultimate ATV Cover is made of high performance, waterproof fabric. We liked that the cover had a unique zipper panel that allowed us to access the gas tank, keys, and handlebars without removing the entire cover. We also appreciated the reflective stripes that gave us great visibility of the ATV in the dark. Buy Now.

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