Best ATV Chest Protectors

Whenever you’re riding an ATV — but especially when you’re off-roading — you need to make sure you’re completely covered in terms of safety. That includes protecting highly injury-prone body parts with the correct gear. An ATV injury to the chest can be life-ending. Just think about it: that’s where some of your most vital organs exist. An ATV chest protector will often cover your entire torso, neck to waist, so that you’re totally shielded. You may be tempted to think that an ATV chest protector is some unwieldy piece of armor that’s going to make your ride more uncomfortable. That’s not the case at all. Here are four safe, comfortable options to consider. Read on to learn about our favorites out there. We’ve included our best picks for men, women, and children.
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Best for Kids 

Webetop Kids Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Vest

Protect the Entire Family. Make sure your kids are protected as they explore on their adventures.

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Often, ATV-ing and off-roading is a family affair, so you want to look out for your kids’ safety as well as your own. This child’s dirt bike body, chest, and spine-protective vest actually wraps around your child’s entire torso comfortably. It boasts breathable fabric and all-over protection. Plus, our young testers said it looked pretty cool, too. Order Online.

Best for Small Riders 


Stay Safe, No Matter How Small the Rider. Smaller frame? No worries. Those under 120 pounds will want this effective and sleek chest vest from a brand we all know and trust.

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Rely on the notable FOX brand to protect the smaller riders in your bunch. This chest protector is made for those 120 pounds or under. It features polycarbonate chest, back, and shoulder pads. It’s also fully adjustable, with extra removable pads. It provides all-over protection for a level of safety you can rely on. Purchase Yours Today.

Best on a Budget

Fox Racing Pee Wee Titan Roost Deflector

Kids’ Safety for Less. Don’t break the bank just because you want to keep your kiddos safe. Here’s an option you can trust, and it comes to you as the most affordable pick here.

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Again, off-roading is a sport that involves the entire family, so when it’s time to take your youngster out on the ATV, make sure they’re protected, too. This FOX Racing Pee Wee Titan chest protector is made for those ages 3 to 5 and is pretty budget-friendly. There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be in your garage. Train up those little riders the right way! Get It Here.

Best for Large Riders

HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket

Safety and Style. Get all-over protection that has never looked so cool. You’ll feel like a boss out there.

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For the larger riders in your crew, this all-over, full-body armor jacket comes in medium to 5XL sizes. It looks like a cool black and red jacket, but it actually provides a level of protection that can’t be beaten. You get both style and substance with this purchase. Buy Now.

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