Yosemite Rockslide Injures 3, Trashes Cabins

Curry Village smashed by 1,800 cubic yards of mountainside

The solid granite faces of Yosemite aren’t always as permanent as they look: A massive rockslide that cleaved off Glacier Point yesterday morning injured three people, destroyed several cabins, and tore up trees in the popular Curry Village lodging area.

No one suffered more than minor injuries, which is amazing, since park officials estimate about 180 truck loads of boulders cascaded on a populated area at 7 a.m. Large groups of children, teachers, and chaperones escaped mostly unscathed. Witnesses report the area was littered with shredded trees and crushed tents.

I’d predict a couple good days ahead for the survivors; nothing puts your life in perspective like surviving a catastrophic rockslide. A looming economic crisis, a hotly contested election, and global warming all might not seem so pressing after you’ve escaped getting killed by giant boulders.

—Ted Alvarez

Yosemite National Park Rock Slide Destroys Cabins (NY Times/AP)