Yosemite: Feed The Bears!

1941 travel film takes a look back at the Yosemite that was—which included encouraging visitors to feed the bears

No wonder Yosemite bears are so crafty at getting our food: For half of the park's existence, we taught them that humans = snacks. This 1941 travel film for Yosemite encourages visitors to feed the "friendly and unafraid" black bears. It also gives viewers a look into how national park management and visitation has changed in the intervening half-century (bear feeding happens at about the 2-minute mark):

Those bear cubs eating out of human hands sure are cute, but I think most of us can agree that park management has changed for the better. Magically, they omitted the part where those cute bears grow to 400 pounds and start raiding tents and trashing cars for your M&M's.

—Ted Alvarez

Via The Goat