Yellowstone Tourist Injured by Bison

The bison charged a 62-year-old who was trying to snap a photo.

A bison attacked a visitor at Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday after the man ventured too close to the animal.

Park officials told CNN that the Australian tourist was taking pictures of the animal when he wandered within a few feet of it. The bison reportedly charged, tossing the man into the air several times.

The 62-year-old was taken away in an ambulance after the incident. His injuries are not considered to be life-threatening.

A similar incident occurred in May, when an exchange student from Taiwan was attacked while posing for a photo. She too had wandered within just a few feet of the bison before turning her back to it for a picture.

Via Facebook, Yellowstone officials reminded visitors not to approach any wildlife, including bison, no matter how calm theymay appear. The suggested viewing distance is 25 yards, preferably from inside a vehicle.

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