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Yellowstone to Implement New Backcountry Fees

The new fee will help defray the costs of running the park's backcountry program.
image: NPS

image: NPS

Beginning on May 1st, an overnight in the Yellowstone backcountry will cost you a little extra.

Earlier this month, the park announced that visitors obtaining a permit to stay overnight in the park between May 25, 2015 and September 10th, 2015 will now be required to pay a person, per night fee. Backpackers will pay a $3 per night charge, with groups of five or more people paying a maximum of $15 total per night.

Frequent Yellowstone backcountry visitors may opt to buy the annual backcountry pass instead, which is available for $25 and cover you for an entire calender year.

The park will still accept advance reservations for backcountry sites in the same manner as previous years. The fee is $25 for reserving a spot more than two nights in advance of your trip.

Yellowstone officials say that new revenue from the per-night fees will cover more than 40% of the costs associated with operating the nine backcountry offices scattered throughout the park and allow funds to be reallocated to other park operations.

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