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Wolf Video: Ashley Judd vs. Sarah Palin

Actress Ashley Judd films Defenders of Wildlife video slamming Palin for supporting aerial wolf hunting

How do you know wolves are big news? When Hollywood stars throw their hats into the ring: Actress and animal rights activist Ashley Judd (hey, where have you been?) recently filmed a video for Defenders of Wildlife slamming current Alaska governor and former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin for supporting wolf hunting. Here's the spot:

Palin responded quickly to Judd's charges, issuing a statement refuting the claims in the spot.

“The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs. Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations. Our predator control programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife.

Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

Regardless of your position on the issue, one thing's for sure: The battle over Alaskan wolves just got a whole lot glitzier. Catfight! I mean, Wolf-fight!

—Ted Alvarez

Via The Week