Winter Warriors

Most BACKPACKER users will continue hiking into the winter. Related: Most BP users tougher than Chuck Norris

BACKPACKER faithful, prepare to get winterized. According to the recent poll on our homepage, a whopping 78 percent of you say you will continue hiking throughout the winter, while a mere 22 percent will hibernate and retire your boots till spring. This means either a) BACKPACKER users are so tough they eat iron nails for breakfast and wrestle bears for fun, or b) all of you live in South Florida.

More likely, you all know the crowds disappear when the temperature drops, and winter has its own stark and intense beauty: Snow-filled vistas, crisp air, and winter animal activity are just a few reasons to stay out when the days get short. Why, the sound of snow crunching underfoot is as addictive as any poppy-based narcotic.

So now that we know you plan to stay outside after it gets cold, how about you share your favorite winter hiking tips and trips in the comments section below? The minority who stay inside sure could use something to read until spring.

Ready to go winter hiking? Check out BACKPACKER’s winter hiking trip for beginners, or this burly winter peakbagging trip through New Hampshire’s Presidential Range for experts.

—Ted Alvarez