Will You Mountain Bike in National Parks?

Bush asks for input on new rule opening more trails for mountain bikes

Lame-duck president and exclusive Trek-user George W. Bush wants to open up more trails to mountain bikes in national parks. To that end, he hopes to fast-track a change in regulations that will allow park managers to do just that.

But he’s asking for public comment first. Would you want more mountain biking trails in our national parks? Let Dubya and the Department of the Interior know right here. They’ve only got three weeks or so to make this happen, so let your voice (or crank) be heard.

At least we know how Ol’ George plans to fill the days now that his free time is about to skyrocket. I guess I’d rather see him cycle up Half Dome than start a multi-national, shadowy corporation or something like that. And as we know, all that fresh air can do a busy mind some good.

—Ted Alvarez

Via The Goat