WiFi in Idaho State Parks

'Sorry, wildlife — Gotta check those emails'

Tech in the outdoors can be a touchy subject; Tech Tracy might love the ability to both stay connected and augment her experience with GPS maps and real-time Internet access, but Luddite Larry thinks camping is for getting as dirty and far away from modern humanity as possible.

Their battleground state just became Idaho: The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation just announced that they plan to make wifi available in four state parks — Bruneau Dunes, Harriman, Henrys Lake, and Ponderosa.

Most of the campers polled wanted the service so they could check back in with society, but the potential to augment the outdoors experience shouldn’t be discounted. After all, with access to free wifi in the wilderness, you’ll be able to upload that sick video of your buddy wiping out before he can even think to say “don’t put it on the Internet.”

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— Ted Alvarez

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