Wedding Proposal Hike Ends in Fall, Rescue

Search-and-rescue helicopters rescue bride-to-be after she topples over a cliff on Maryland's Billy Goat Trail

Talk about a rocky start to a marriage: A D.C.-area man proposed to his beloved on Maryland’s Billy Goat Trail, and she accepted—after which she fell down a 10-foot rock face and became trapped above a deeper 100-foot cliff that dropped into the Potomac River.

Search-and-rescue teams had to rescue the woman by helicopter, as climbing up to her from the river proved too dangerous. She briefly lost consciousness and suffered bruises and injuries to her head and chest that weren’t life threatening. I guess that makes it OK for the SAR guys to get all jokey:

To answer your first question, no, the woman hadn’t been drinking, and her hiking boots suggest she was well-prepared for the steep and rugged Billy Goat Trail.

Must’ve been love drunk—that’s the best explanation. That’s probably more dangerous than drinking a bucket of Watermelon Snowfields or Mountain Margaritas.

—Ted Alvarez

Copter aids rescue of bride-to-be (WashPo)

via The Goat