Watch a Bear Charge Simulator in Action

Another reminder that bears are faster than you think.

In the abstract, the instructions for using bear spray—remove the safety clip; aim slightly downward; fire short, concentrated bursts to create a repellant cloud in front of a charging bruin—are simple enough. But lest we forget, bears can run really, really fast (grizzlies have been clocked at 35 mph over short distances) and in the heat of the moment, you'll have mere seconds to get yourself into position.

To illustrate this point more vividly, UDAP Industries Inc., a bear spray manufacturer, constructed a 'bear charge simulator' that sends a fake bear careening down a track toward a 'victim.' Though admittedly an advertisement for the company's product, this demonstration offers a taste of what it would be like to stare down a bear charging at top speed:

Yikes. Better practice your quick draw skills, Tex. Find more bear spray tips and tricks here.