Washington Man Survives 2nd Bear Attack in 4 Years

The man was attacked by a black bear on the same trail in 2011.

Surviving one bear attack would be more than enough for most outdoor enthusiasts. Surviving a second one is downright unheard of.

And yet, as ABC News reports, one Seattle-area man seems to have done just that. The man, who asked to be identified only as Bob, fought off a black bear on a trail near Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He had been attacked by a bear in the same area four years ago.

Bob told the news channel that he played dead during the first encounter, but this time he fought back by lashing at the bear with a tree branch. The bear bit Bob over 40 times and clawed him too, leaving him with non-life threatening injuries across his upper body. Wildlife officials later located the 300-lb. bear and destroyed it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bob told local news affiliate KOMO that he won’t be going back to that trail again because he's "just getting too old to fight 'em anymore."

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