Want Some Wolves?

Blocked from hunting, one Idaho senator hopes to give away some of the state's controversial canines

Just when the Idaho got ready to go open-season on their newly de-listed gray wolf population, President Obama blocked the Bush-era executive order. But that's not stopping the state's Republican Senator Gary Schroeder from trying to get rid of them anyway. Only instead of killing them during hunting season, he's proposed a "predator giveaway" bill that will offer live wolves to any state that will take them.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game would "have 30 days to contact their agency counterparts in the other 49 states and ask them if they want some wolves. Then we'll round them up."

There is, of course, a catch: Any states desiring wolves would have to foot the bill for their trapping and shipment. Idaho wouldn't get rid of all their wolves; Schroeder just hopes to see a reduction in population from about 825 to 500.

After introducing the bill on Monday to the Senate Resources and Environment Committee, Sen. Schroeder admitted that the bill was largely symbolic, and he couldn't think of another state that would want Idaho's wolves.

"From a legal standpoint we can say we offered them out," Schroeder said.

How's about it, Florida? New York? Texas? Colorado? Who wants some live wolves?

—Ted Alvarez

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