Vote: Colorado's Craziest Bear

Colorado's gonzo black bear season goes national
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Here on the Daily Dirt, we're usually up to our eyeballs in wacky bear activities. But it looks like Colorado's especially busy bear season has gone national: Huffington Post, usually a repository of news and politics, is asking readers to vote in a photo poll on the craziest Colorado bear incident so far.

Let's see...there's the bear that got caught in an Aspen swimming pool; the bear that demolished a Vail Subaru (must've been from Aspen); the bear caught in a Fraser restaurant kitchen; the bear in front of McDonald's (again, in Aspen):

Who will you vote for? Me, I'm about ready for bears to hibernate. With a name like Ted, the bear jokes get old pretty quickly.

—Ted Alvarez

Bear Stories: Which Colorado sighting is the craziest? (Huffington Post)