Virtual Scramble: Angel's Landing, Zion

A quick video dispatch from the frontiers of overscheduling

Hey Campers,

A thousand pardons for my unpardonable tardiness in communicating! I was guiding in Zion National Park, which was heavenly, but it was a 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. experience the whole time. Now I'm doing a Wilderness First Responder Course - A 'Woofer Course' in the vernacular - which means 80-plus hours of instruction in the next 9 days.

So typing - even typing to you, dear readers no matter how my heartstrings tug - has been a tough call.

To keep you briefly sated, and until I can post further from the front lines of modern Woofing technique, please enjoy this brief virtual stroll up Angels Landing in Zion National Park, complete with California condors.

Hike safe -- Steve Howe