Video: Crafty Yosemite Bear in Action

Small black bear snatches food from under the noses of stupid campers

Jeez, people—how many warnings do you need to know that Yosemite bears are crafty critters? Check out this video of careless campers at the Tuolomne Meadows campground in Yosemite getting totally owned by a black bear. They managed to get their food in the bear-proof containers but (duh) either forgot or took too long to shut the dang door. Hence, a swift smash-and-grab by a likely experienced bear:

It seems funny at first, what with all the befuddled campers (a few of whom are dumb enough to chase the bear). But the real story is much sadder than that: With those type of easy-pickings rewards, the bear is probably going to try again, and the tag means it’s likely a repeat offender. That probably means this lil’ guy will end up a dead bear.

Dangit, folks. Use a bear canister or a bear bag in the backcountry, and in the frontcountry, shut your freaking locker. Sad.

—Ted Alvarez