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Video: Birds Destroy Campsite

A group of hungry "flying devils" completely dismantle a nature film crew's camp on the Falkland Islands

OK, remind me never to camp in the Falkland Islands—lest I incur the wrath of the striated caracara. Also known as the "Johnny Rook" bird or simply the "flying devils," these hyper-intelligent birds of prey are famous for tearing up anything in their path in search of food. Even scarier, they're completely fearless of humans. A National Geographic crew filming on the Falkland Islands learned this the hard way, and wisely stepped aside. Luckily, they left the cameras running. Watch 'em go Hitchcock on their tent setup:

I think one of those birds is much better at untying knots than me. I guess they can't be that bad of a camping partner.

—Ted Alvarez

via The Goat