UPDATE: VIDEO of Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter on the Today Show

On Saturday July 3, BACKPACKER's gear editor will show of some great summer camping gear on the Today Show.

UPDATE: VIDEO - Watch Kristin's excellent Today Show performance.

DOUBLE UPDATE:GEAR LIST - A list of the Hot Summer Camping Gear (including prices and websites) Kristin talked about on the show.

For all those Kristin fans out there ( and there's a lot of you - we read the emails and comments) tomorrow she'll be showcasing the latest in summer camping gear on the Today Show on NBC. Kristin is scheduled to go live at 8:40 EST so program your Tivos accordingly. And if you watch, let us know how she did ... we'll be watching the women's Wimbledon final and then the Tour de France Prologue since they aren't showing the Weekend Today Show here in Boulder.