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Two Bear Videos You Need to Watch

Got a case of the Mondays? Let these bears teach you how to unwind.

Getting up for work can suck sometimes. But knowing that there are bears out there, having the time of their lives rolling down hills and playing in swimming pools, makes our mornings a little bit better. Check out these awesome bear videos to cure your work-week blues.

Watch this grizzly enjoy a good ol’ roll down a hill in Denali National Park. Pay special attention to its strategic rolling form at 25 seconds as it does six rolls in a row. We’re dizzy just looking at it.

What better way to cool off and entertain the kids than a pool party? This mama bear chills out in the water as her five cubs roughhouse, go down a slide, and attempt to climb into the pool. If you’ve only got a minute, watch from 45 seconds to 1:45 to see the peak of the party.