Treasure-Hunting Couple Rescued For Second Time in Two Years

They were searching for Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure.

A Virginia couple in search of hidden treasure was rescued from Wyoming’s backcountry last week for the second time in two years.

Frank Rose, 40, and Madilina Taylor, 41, both from Lynchburg, Virginia, had their most recent excursion cut short when Taylor broke her ankle, NBC reports. Rose hiked out to get help, and Taylor was flown to a hospital to be treated for her injuries.

In 2013, the couple spent four days lost in the backcountry near the same location before being rescued.

Rose and Taylor have admitted to searching for an allegedly hidden box of treasure placed by New Mexico multimillionaire Forrest Fenn. Fenn has stated publicly that he hid a chest valued between $1 and 3 million dollars somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, triggering a wave of modern-day amateur treasure hunts.

The couple will be on the hook for the cost of their most recent helicopter evacuation, which is valued in the thousands.

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