Tramping Timberlake And NFL Mountaineers

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel hike in LA, while the NFL's commissioner attempts Rainier with the Seattle Seahawks' coach

Celebrities—they're just like us! Or at least they try to hike like us: Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend, actress Jessica Biel, went for a leisurely hike up Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon yesterday with her dog. Naturally, the paps were on hand to capture the camera-shy duo in their outdoor best.

We admit this bit of "news" qualifies as nothing more than superfluous puffery, but we feel obligated to follow up on Timberlake's progress—after all, earlier this year he announced his plans to summit Kilimajaro to raise awareness for Africa's water crisis. He'll have to train a little harder if he hopes to stand atop the 19,000-foot roof of Africa—a dayhike through Runyon barely cuts it—but I'm sure he'll call upon an army of personal trainers to get it dialed.

Meanwhile, farther up the coast, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora are midway through training for a bid on Mt. Rainier. Ed Viesturs and Peter Whittaker will guide the two and others on a Wednesday climb, also for charity. Whittaker talked about their progress to AP:

"Gotta say the commish performed. He is a good listener and grasped mountaineering basics reasonably well," Whittaker told The Associated Press in an e-mail.

"A lot of mountain to go though...we were at 6,000 feet."

Best of luck to both parties. If either group ever needs backpacking tips, we'd be happy to share in exchange for concert/game tickets. Just sayin'.

—Ted Alvarez

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