Trail Chef: Baking in the Backcountry

Sometimes only a freshly baked cookie or pizza pie will do.

"baking pizza + mountains = epicness"

At least that's the consensus of uberKy after watching a YouTube video of the Backpacker Oven baking up some pepperoni pizza on the top of Mt. Whitney. What's the Backpacker Oven you ask? Just this morning Backpacker's gear team posted a slideshow gear review of this lightweight camping oven made by Bemco that cooks like a normal oven, even above 14,000 feet! The tester cooked batch after batch of cookies, chicken tenders, and biscuits - and returned from his trip five pounds heavier (...only guessing on that last part).

Although Trail Chef is more inclined to cook ridiculously healthy things from scratch (like eggs & bacon in a bag! yum), we're inclined to agree that "baking pizza + mountains = epicness"! So check out this YouTube video from the team at Backpacker Oven and start drooling.