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Tonight's TV: 'I Shouldn't Be Alive,' BACKPACKER Style

The parallel story of three lost hikers in the same spot, one year apart, is the plot line for an Animal Planet/Discovery Channel television episode.

In 2006 BACKPACKER published "Lost & Found", about the disappearance of John Donovan during a high-elevation blizzard on Southern California's Mt. San Jacinto in 2005. Donovan was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail when he detoured and encountered the blizzard. Rescue workers searched for his body but were unable to recover it at the time.

One year later to the day, a pair of lost hikers in the same area stumbled across Donovan's backpack, complete with his journal. And that's where Animal Planet/Discovery Channel comes into the mix: The television series I Shouldn't Be Alive airs the episode "Date From Hell" about the lost couple ("Brandon and Gina" in TV land) and their "terrifying discovery in an abandoned campsite [that] suggests there is no way out." The episode will be shown at 10:00 P.M. tonight and 1:00 A.M. & 5:00 A.M. on January 28.

The episode was first aired on Friday, January 22, prompting a handful of people to comment on BACKPACKER's online article of "Lost & Found" about the story. So don't miss it: set your DVR and let us know how the TV-version matches up to the real story.

--Katie Herrell

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