Today's Funny: Bear searches for food...inside backpacker


Now hang on a sec: Before everyone flies off the handle and storms the message boards to condemn our sick, twisted senses of humor (guilty as charged), they'd do well to listen to the clip in question from The Onion Radio News:

Bear Searches For Food Inside Backpacker

That's twice now that America's finest satire service dips a toe into our waters, with predictably hilarious results. Plus, according to BACKPACKER staffer Genny Wright, it probes an important question posed by girl scouts everywhere once they learn about hanging bear bags.

“But what about the bear smelling the food we had for dinner inside us?”

An astute question, young scouts. Either way, you better get practicing with our patented foolproof bear-bag training system.

— Ted Alvarez

Bear Searches For Food Inside Backpacker (Onion Radio News)