The Turkey That Keeps On Giving

Give us your best post-Thanksgiving leftover recipes for the backcountry

Hopefully everyone out there had a spectacular Thanksgiving; no doubt some of you are still marching around in a tryptophan-induced haze (guilty as charged). A hike could be a great way to burn off the post-holiday poundage, and I plan to get on that as soon as I finish off this pumpkin-pie-and-turkey-leg breakfast.

Speaking of my breakfast of champions, all of us probably have access to excess turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie, and booze. Here’s an idea: Rather than let the leftovers slowly molder in the fridge between now and Christmas, what if we made sick backpacking meals out of them? A late fall backpacking jaunt might be what we all need to polish off those high-calorie edible remains.

So here’s the challenge, dear readers: Send us your best backpacking-suitable Thanksgiving leftover recipes, and we’ll publish them right here on You can also post them in the comments section below. But you better hurry—Auntie Claire’s twice-baked potatoes won’t last forever.

—Ted Alvarez