Teton Boulder Project

Jackson residents, climbers, rangers, and pols join forces to establish community bouldering park

The Tetons can rightfully claim their place as one of the foundation locations of modern American alpinism, and so can the town of Jackson, Wyo.—y’know, that sleepy ol’ town people stop by to refuel before heading into the imposing mountains nearby. Now, to both celebrate that climbing history and to provide a safe place for the next generation of climbers to begin sending their first routes, Jackson rangers, climbers, politicians, and regular citizens have joined forces through the Teton Boulder Project.

The mission is threefold: First, they’ll construct a monument wall inscribed with the twelve most significant climbing achievements in the Tetons; second, they plan to build a memorial to Tetons climbers who’ve died here and abroad; and third, they plan to build a top-notch bouldering park at the base of the Snow King resort.

This grassroots project was built from the ground up with remarkable cooperation between Jackson residents, climbing elite, and town planners. Key players include the Jenny Lake rangers, former Alpinist editor Christian Beckwith, and Renny Jackson, head of the Jenny Lake rangers and lead SAR official for over 35 years. He’s in charge of compiling the most significant Teton climbing events, which he’s already done and made available for public comment.

So far, the Teton Boulder Project has raised about half of their $300K goal, which puts them on track to break ground for construction this summer. Interested in helping shape a landmark monument to climbing in one of the world’s most iconic places? You should be: Find out how you can help at the Teton Boulder Project.

—Ted Alvarez