Teen Falls Off 200-Foot Cliff, Lives to Give TV Interview

17-year-old Washington boy takes a mighty spill off a seaside cliff

Falling is the number-one cause of death among hikers—but if you live, it’s still probably going to suck a whole lot. 17-year-old Christian Booth tumbled off of 200-foot sea cliffs while hiking near Ilwaco, WA. Miraculously, he survived by absorbing most of the impact with his arms and legs (he still broke half of his face).

Here he is on Portland’s local news:

All in all, Booth doesn’t look so bad, considering the extent of his ordeal and how close he came to death. But I gotta disagree with his female hiking companion who says “that’s what we get for going off-trail” at about 1:26. I know plenty of hikers who go cross-country without launching over giant cliffs. Maybe just pay better attention to the cliff edge next time, eh?

—Ted Alvarez

via KATU