Tax Break For Bikers

$700 billion bailout includes tax credit for cycle commuters

When Congress passed the $700 billion bailout bill earlier this week, legislators cleverly smuggled in a provision granting bike commuters a $20 tax credit per month. So while the markets might not have responded to the emergency legislation, two-wheel enthusiasts certainly have something to get excited about.

“We were just thrilled. We’ve been working on this for seven years,” said Elizabeth Kiker, vice president of the League of American Bicyclists. “We think it’ll help anyone who wants to get to work by bicycle.”

Some critics have complained that it's just more useless pork added to an already bloated bill, but anything that motivates U.S. citizens to take alternative transportation is probably a good thing. The environment will get cleaner, you'll save dough on taxes and gas, and roads will get safer.

Just one thing confuses us: How will riders prove to the IRS that they commute by bike every month? Do pictures of me on my busted Huffy count?

— Ted Alvarez

Cyclists, at Least, Praise a Bailout Provision (NY Times)

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