Survivorman Calls It Quits

Les stroud plans to end successful Discovery Channel show after forthcoming third season

Somewhere, perhaps in a four-star hotel while eating chocolate cherries and sipping champagne, Bear Grylls is breathing a sigh of relief: His primary media rival, Les Stroud of the Discovery Channel's popular Survivorman series, has announced he plans to hang up his cameras and end the show after the upcoming third season.

"It takes a lot out of me as I really do what I do for real, with no camera crew, no nights in hotels like others do, and it takes a toll on my body," Stroud told Reuters.

"You can only do seven days surviving without food a certain number of times a year. I'm pleased with what I have done, I've been copied around the world, but 25 times I've not eaten anything for a week while sleeping on rocks. I need to move on."

Sad news for TV survival junkies, to be sure, but all is not lost: Stroud plans to return with a series where he follows in the footsteps of famous explorers. 

Ever wonder how Grylls' and Stroud's techniques really work in the wild? Our man gave them a shot in "I Will Survive."

—Ted Alvarez Living in the wild takes toll on TV's "Survivorman" (Reuters)

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