Summit For Someone: Dorn On California's Langley

Follow Jonathan Dorn as he Summits For Someone on Sierra Fourteener Mt. Langley

What did you do today? Go to work? Watch the kids? Watch The People's Court? BACKPACKER editor-in-chief Jonathan Dorn probably has you beat: He just summited California's 14,032-foot Mt. Langley with Summit For Someone, which raises money to get underprivileged kids outside. Best of all, he's testing a new DeLorme GPS/SPOT Messenger combo, which allows him to text updates from the mountainside. Here are a few of the best, plus where they happened:

Just 8 my 1st-ever Caz Bar. Ultra delish!

Beautiful panorama just opened on plateau

Cold swim @ High Lake camp - great day!

Heading out @ dawn. Oatmeal, yum. Not.

Fun scrambling section!

Summit! Thanks all for supporting BCM!

Look out for a full report from Dorn in the coming weeks, along with drool-worthy photos.

—Ted Alvarez

Image credit: miguelvieira