Summit For Someone: Dorn On California's Langley

Follow Jonathan Dorn as he Summits For Someone on Sierra Fourteener Mt. Langley
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What did you do today? Go to work? Watch the kids? Watch The People's Court? BACKPACKER editor-in-chief Jonathan Dorn probably has you beat: He just summited California's 14,032-foot Mt. Langley with Summit For Someone, which raises money to get underprivileged kids outside. Best of all, he's testing a new DeLorme GPS/SPOT Messenger combo, which allows him to text updates from the mountainside. Here are a few of the best, plus where they happened:

Just 8 my 1st-ever Caz Bar. Ultra delish!

Beautiful panorama just opened on plateau

Cold swim @ High Lake camp - great day!

Heading out @ dawn. Oatmeal, yum. Not.

Fun scrambling section!

Summit! Thanks all for supporting BCM!

Look out for a full report from Dorn in the coming weeks, along with drool-worthy photos.

—Ted Alvarez

Image credit: miguelvieira