Suicidal Animals Make Me Sad

Global-warming PSA can cause tears, guilt, and unexpected phone calls to Mommy

Taking a page from the Bambi's-mother-getting-shot playbook of manipulative animation, advertising agency McCann commissioned a global-warming PSA for Portugal's nature and conservation association, Quercus. The spot features cute animals rendered with high-quality computer animation, all preparing to off themselves because of global warming. You might want to get out the hankie for this one:

Effective, no? There's not much science to back the idea that animals will kill themselves if we don't fix the climate change crisis, but I'm still feeling pretty guilty.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl under my desk with a bottle of vodka and cry myself to sleep.

— Ted Alvarez

Suicidal animals star in global-warming PSA (AdFreak)