Skiing the Matterhorn, For Starters

14er skier Chris Davenport tackles iconic Alps

While most of our attention turns to sun and fun, ski mountaineer Chris Davenport only has eyes for the white stuff: He’s already started his plan to ski the signature peaks of the Alps by cruising down the Matterhorn successfully. Yes, this Matterhorn. He hopes to climb and make ski descents of what many consider to be the most iconic Alpen peaks — the Matterhorn, the Eiger, Mont Blanc, and Monte Rosa — all in one year.

The Aspen-based Davenport earned his fame by nailing ski descents down all of Colorado’s 14,000-ft. mountains in one year. The resultant book and documentary helped cement his rep as one of the premier extreme ski mountaineers out there.

And while the thrill and the sponsors certainly factor into his motivation to completely own crazy ski descents, he also rips for personal reasons. After his successful Matterhorn descent, he told the L.A. Times:

Should we expect a gaggle of mini-Davenports tearing down some insane face in the near future? I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

— Ted Alvarez

Skiing the Matterhorn is all in a day’s work (L.A. Times)