Skiing's Latest Eco-friendly Gear

The ski industry has gone green, from goggles to boots.
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Three new Scarpa models (Tornado Eco, T2 Eco, and T2 Women Eco) are made from castor oil-based Pbax Rnew instead of petroleum. The switch cuts fossil fuel use by 29 percent–and yields a stiffer flex through a broader range of temps.


Smith's Optics Evolv goggles use 44-percent-renewable, bio-based plastics, trimming carbon by 40 percent. Models like the Phenom are made with recycled, reground urethane from medical waste. Next up: castor-bean oil sunglasses.


Smith also introduced Evolv liners; they blend 50-percent-recycled polyester with 50-percent-recycled silver X-Static fabric (for odor-fighting).


The wood cores in Movement's skis come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable forests, and all models feature water-based glues (and less of it). Result: The skis lose half a pound per pair.