Shreddin' Pow In Dirty Jersey


When I'm up for a day of epic skiing — steeps, bumps, groomers, the whole bit — I certainly don't think of northern New Jersey. But that's not going to stop the Garden State from hosting the first indoor ski hill in the U.S. Monster amusement park Meadowlands Xanadu will feature "America's first Snow Dome for indoor skiing." Oh, New Jersey, you've done it again — your good taste knows no bounds!

Considering the world's first indoor snow skiing complex went up in the desert city of Dubai, I suppose temperate New Jersey shouldn't be too much of a stretch. And, since Xanadu's ski abomination opens in Fall 2008, they also have the distinction of beating Las Vegas and Dallas/Ft. Worth to the punch.

Personally, I can't wait for the next major snowstorm to hit the country next season:

Brah #1: "Dudes, it's sick out there — are we going to Wolf Creek, A-Basin, Steamboat, or Crested Butte?"

Brah #2: "I think I've got something wilder in mind..."

Brah #1: "Whistler? Jackson?"

Brah #2: "No, dude...Xanadu."

— Ted Alvarez

Meadowlands Xanadu

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