September Issue Now Online

Bus hiking, outdoor phobias, and the most remote spot in the Lower 48

Alright, outdoor party people, it's the news you've been waiting for: BACKPACKER's entire August Issue is live and online, available for a nominal fee of zero dollars. Whether you're a cheapskate who never buys magazines or a tech-fiend who prefers reading pixels over pulp, you win.

This month, Mark Jenkins takes you to the most remote spot in the Lower 48 in "Destination Nowhere," and discovers it's full of surprises. Will it stay remote? Read on to find out.

Driving to the trailhead can be a drag: Traffic, gas prices, and your contribution to our little ol' CO2 problem can weigh heavy on the mind. Our man ditches the car and finds out that to find wilderness without your own set of wheels, you just need to get on the bus.

Fighting wilderness fears? You're not alone. Our guide to outdoor phobias will show you how to face your wildest nightmare down and come out safe and sound.

In the market for a new shell, pant, or baselayer? We know you are. Check out BACKPACKER's Apparel Guide 2008 for the best in outerwear for all conditions.

Don't forget—September's loaded with trips you can take all fall. Find out the best ways to get out in Shenandoah, Saguaro National Park, Newfoundland, and more.

Also, not to intimidate you or anything, but that's not even a quarter of the magazine. You've got a lot of reading to do, ladies and gents—so get at it!

— Ted Alvarez