Scott Jurek Sets Sights On A.T. Speed Record

The ultrarunner will attempt to complete Appalachian Trail in just 44 days.
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The Appalachian Trail is many things to many people. Some people start the 2,180-mile thru-hike just hoping to finish it. Ultrarunner Scott Jurek intends to complete it faster than anyone ever has before. 

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that Jurek began his A.T. quest on May 27 and is hoping to complete the trail in a mere 44 days. To do so, he will need to average nearly 50 miles a day (350 miles a week) for six weeks.

The current A.T. thru-hike record-holder is Jennifer Pharr-Davis, who completed the Appalachian Trail in 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes in 2011. Davis averaged about 47 miles a day.

Jurek’s ultra-marathoning resume is already impressive. He is a seven-time winner of the Western States 100, two-time Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon champion, and the former American record holder of the 24-hour distance.

Jurek will be supported with supplies along the way so that he won't need to carry a full pack.

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