Someone Spray-Painted a Promposal in a National Recreation Area

We hope no one went to prom with this clown.
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California's Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is home to more than 500 miles of trails, Chumash pictographs, a population of mountain lions—and now, the world's dumbest promposal.

In a post on its official Facebook page, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said that this is the second year in a row that a vandal has painted the same message on the rock, located near Sandstone Peak. A park ranger identified as "Ranger Zach" said that staff had cleaned the rock "to the best of our ability," but that the message was still "somewhat visible."

"We love hearing about creative promposals, but damaging public lands is not the way to do it," wrote Ranger Zach. The presumably teenage lovebird should have learned from history: In 2016, a federal court sentenced graffiti artist Casey Nocket to two years of probation, and banned her from NPS, BLM, and Forest Service lands, for a 2014 tagging spree.

Here's hoping the culprit at least had to go to the big dance alone.

The park is asking anyone with information on the vandalism to call 661-723-3620.