Roll That Beautiful Bear Footage

A film crew relays all the Alaskan bear footage you'll ever need

We know you love bears—our hairiest employee gets tons of monthly fan mail, even in the hibernating months. But you don't have to spend your winter season watching Grizzly Man for the 14th time: We've got video from a professional camera crew who spent 11 weeks filming Alaskan grizzlies for the upcoming doc Grizzly Land.

It's all here: cavorting cubs atop rocks, big-male battles, cavorting cubs on the beach, riveting hunting scenes, foxes taunting angry bruins, cameramen violating the hundred-yard rule, cavorting cubs eating the heads off of baby waterfowl. It's all set to the sounds of Lyle Lovett's forgotten, apt classic "Bears." A few sample lyrics:

Some folks say there ain't no bears in arkansas

Some folks never seen a bear at all

Some folks say that bears go around eating babies raw

Some folks got a bear across the hall

Wha? Nevermind, just turn the volume down and check out the footage:

While the film crew sat in one place waiting for bruins, Rocky Mountain Editor Steve Howe traversed the entire state to bring you the ultimate guide to Alaska. Ready to start planning your summer jaunt to the Great Land? Check out our Alaska 2010 blowout here.

Ted Alvarez

via The Goat