Robot Boots Heat Your Feet

Battery-powered Bugathermo boots from Columbia keep your toes warm, cybernetic

We're just a few steps from looking like Robocop when we go hiking. The latest evidence? Columbia's Bugathermo boots, which use rechargeable lithium polymer batteries to power heating elements located in the toe and under the footbed. An adjustable LED ankle button lets you control whether you set your feet for "warm" or "toasted."

Batteries supposedly last 4-8 hours on one charge, and the boots are apparently rated for temperatures as low as -25º F/-32º C. That's hardly long enough if you end up in a true survival situation, but then again, that's what your kinetic energy backpack is for.

You'd expect boots like these to weigh a ton, but Columbia claims they're light and waterproof in addition to being electrically powered. Still, it's hard to picture anyone but frontcountry whiners on their way to apres ski from the lockers wearing these. (If we get our hands on a pair, we'll let you know how they do when released into the wild.)

All this tech sets you back a mere $250—not too bad considering you'll be one of the first people to use the technology that leads to the eventual cyborg world takeover.

You can't say they didn't warn us—the Led control on the side even looks like the eye of a Terminator.

—Ted Alvarez

Columbia Bugathermo

via Adventure Blog