Reader Question: How Do I Share Trips?

Map Editor Kris Wagner shows you how to share your epic journey with friends, family, and the world

Reader Question:

I've recently posted a trip of mine on the backpacker website, but I don’t know how I can let my family view it. If I search for the name of the trip, "barr trail to barr camp" I can find it, but I don’t want them to have to search for my hikes every time I post them. I hope you have some answers for me.

Jesse via email


Jesse: Thanks for your email. There are several ways that you can tell your friends about your posted hikes.

1) Use our "Email Trip" link under Map Tools. You can add their email address and we'll send them an email with a link to your trip.

2) Copy and paste the web address and send it to friends from your own email account. For your trip, it's

3) Sync your backpacker account with your Facebook account. You can do that by logging into our site and hitting the Facebook link under the My Trip tab of your personal profile. Enter your username and password. Then the next time you post a live trip on our site, we'll automatically send an update to your facebook profile for all your friends to read with a link back to your trip report.

4) Do you have a personal blog? You can copy and paste the "Embed A Map" code under Map Tools into your blog to display a map of your trip.

5) You'll also see your trip posted under the reader trips tab on our Colorado page:

Please let me know if you have any others—I'm happy to help.

—Kris Wagner

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